Sherrin Racing has enjoyed a successful weekend at Sandown Raceway for the penultimate round of the 2019 MRF Tyres Australian Production Cars, bringing home round victories in class A1 and B1 along with 2nd in the outright standings.

The results ensure that heading into the final round at Tailem Bend Motorsport Park (November 15-17), Iain Sherrin and Grant Sherrin continue to lead the way in the A1 championship while remaining in the fight for the exceptionally close outright battle while Klae Eckhardt maintains his place in the B1 title contest.

This weekend’s event featured four one-hour races – one on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday – with each outing full of intense action that kept the entire field on its toes.

When all was said and done, Iain Sherrin – who was driving the #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 solo this weekend with brother Grant unable to attend – took home the A1 round win and 2nd outright overall after he secured the A1 and outright top qualifying honours, A1 class victories in all four races, and an outright race victory alongside two second outright placings.

On Friday, a strong early race lead for Iain was undercut by a delayed race start and a late safety car and he ultimately was forced to settle for second outright after he ran out of laps to reel in the outright winner.

He made up for that frustration on Saturday, crossing the line before all other contenders with a victory which truly showcased the ability of both car and driver when he had to recover a 18 second deficit in the closing stages after a mid-race car issue.

Wet weather for Saturday’s afternoon race ensured it was a case of  maintaining a finishing position for the #18 when exceptionally slippery conditions caused plenty of issues, while Sunday’s final race hosted a thrilling battle all the way to the finish as Sherrin raced on the ragged edge to fight through the field off the start and again after the CPS window on his way to second outright and the class A1 win.

“On Friday we were always going to be pushing it to take the win with the delayed start and then with a late race safety car that hurt us even further, as with the longer CPS requirements for A1 compared to the other classes we need to be able to really push in the latter stages to recover the ground we lose in the pits,” Iain explained.

“The car was really great out there though and it was a nice clean race, so we were happy to bring home P2 and start on the front row of the grid for Saturday morning’s race where despite some car issues, we were able to bring home the outright win.

“Saturday afternoon was really tough for the entire field – while our car was fine as far as balance and everything, with the turbos we were having trouble with breaking traction even when going down the straight in sixth gear. We just didn’t have the weapon for those conditions but we did all we could and brought it home straight and ready to try again for Sunday afternoon’s race which was thankfully much drier!

“Sunday was truly a fantastic race and a whole lot of fun. The Mustang was going really well but we did a great pit stop and resumed the race pretty close to them so it was a matter to tracking them down. They were quite hard to get past as they were getting really good drive off the last corner and pulling two car lengths on me. I even had to back off for a few laps as the car was getting hot and the tyres were squirming! In the last ten minutes I had another crack and I managed to get in there and get by him and from there it was a bit wild with lots of dicing – it was a great race and I had a lot of fun.”

Across the weekend, Klae Eckhardt put the #19 Sherrin Rentals BMW135i on pole for Class B1 before claiming three class B1 victories as well as 4th, 5th, 11th and 6th outright on his way to the B1 round win.

Friday’s opening race brought a best-ever outright race finishing position of fourth outright for Klae, before Saturday morning’s race hosted some intense battles for position which ended up with another class B1 victory and fifth outright.

Saturday afternoon’s race was, as it was for the #18, a very difficult outing for the entry, but Sunday morning saw the team’s fortunes turn around with another class race victory as well as a outright result of sixth.

“The car was really great this weekend overall even though we struggled with the really wet conditions in Saturday’s race – we certainly weren’t alone in that!” Klae explained.

“Clinching our best ever outright result on Friday was really exciting. On Saturday morning we crossed the line in third outright but were classified 5th when some spirited battling for position ended up with another car spinning – that was certainly never my intention and I am sorry that that happened.

“On Sunday the conditions were much better and that made it a lot easier for us out there. It was a great race too, our competitors in the B1 class gave us a really good fight and we were really pleased to take the class win.

“My thanks goes to the Sherrin Rentals team and Michael Sherrin for the opportunity and for the car – the car was really great today and it all came together, I couldn’t be happier with today’s result.”

Sherrin Racing will next be on-track for the final round of the 2019 MRF Tyres APC at Tailem Bend Motorsport Park across November 15-17.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Wirtgen Group, Kobelco, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Sherrin Group, Great White Lighting, Revolution Paint and Panel, Action Mechanical Specialists, Custom Plastic Fabrication, Symmetry Engineering, RNR Refinish, Welding Solutions, Hydraulink Brisbane North, Land Transport, Tex Onsite, and Industry iQ.



On Saturday evening at Queensland Raceway’s Fight in the Night, there was plenty of work underway in the Sherrin Racing garage at round three of the 2019 MRF Tyres Australian Production Cars.

While Klae Eckhardt and David Ayres had brought home 2nd in class B1 and sixth outright in Saturday’s Fight in the Night 300km race under lights, the #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 had ground to a halt on the straight early in the piece – after showing impressive pace early, a slipped timing chain had caused the ECU to shut the M4 down.

While they made it home in a strong position, Eckhardt and Ayres hadn’t escaped problems either, with a clutch failure on the final lap of the race seeing them just make it home and requiring plenty of midnight oil to have the #19 ready for Sunday’s final 300km race.

Despite the workload, the Sherrin Racing crew dug deep and did all that was needed to allow the team to return for Sunday’s 300km race with two exceptionally well-performing race cars – the #18 would go on to secure second outright and second in class A1 for Sunday’s race and the weekend, while the #19 again brought home second in class B1 and seventh outright for the race as well as fifth outright and second in class B1 for the weekend.

Making the M4’s result even more exceptional was the fact that Iain Sherrin had to start Sunday’s race from the rear of the grid due to the car’s failure to finish on Saturday night. The older of the Sherrin brothers put the M4 into 6th by the end of lap one before climbing to 2nd position by lap seven in an impressive display.

“It was pretty hectic getting through the field from the rear of the grid but it all came together nicely,” Iain Sherrin said.

“The guys in the pits did a great job to get this car back into great form and I did all I could to bring home a winning result for them.

“It wasn’t to be but to come home second outright and in class for the race and second in class for the round after where we were on Saturday evening is something we are all very proud of.”

Grant Sherrin took over the driving duties from Iain for the latter half of the race.

“Iain had put in a very good stint early in the race, unfortunately in the second half the car wasn’t quite as good as with the heat of the day the car just went away from us a little,” Grant Sherrin explained.

“Overall though we are happy – there are a few things we need to go away and have a look at but to go from where we were last night to here is pretty good. We had a bit of luck on our side Saturday night and there was a lot of hard work which saw us able to get the car back out Sunday; so we are pretty happy with the result.”

For Eckhardt and Ayres in the #19, it was a relatively event-free race which was just what they were looking for after Saturday’s stresses.

“It was a good, clean race out there on Sunday. The car went well and the tyres were awesome; the boys did an excellent job in the pits and we had an awesome strategy from Mike Sherrin,” Eckhardt said.

“Klae handed the car over in a good position and while I lost a couple of spots at the end with the safety car restart but it was a good race and the car was great,” Ayres said.

“To be finishing up the race on Saturday evening unable to change gears and for us all to be able to dig deep and turn it around overnight for Sunday’s result was very rewarding.”

Sherrin Racing will next be on-track with the MRF Tyres Australian Production Cars for round four of the 2019 season at Sandown International Raceway across September 20-22.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Wirtgen Group, Clark Equipment, Kobelco, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Sherrin Group, Great White Lighting, Revolution Paint and Panel, Action Mechanical Specialists, Custom Plastic Fabrication, Symmetry Engineering, RNR Refinish, and Industry iQ.



Sherrin Racing has started the 2019 MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series in a winning fashion at the MRF Tyres Sydney 240 on the weekend.

Grant and Iain Sherrin in the #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 were victorious in the A1 class and second outright; while Klae Eckhardt was victorious in Class B1 aboard the #19 Sherrin Racing BMW 135i.

The M4 proved superior in qualifying to set the pace and earn the right to start from pole position for the opening race. From the race one pole Grant led the field away, only relinquishing his place at the front of the field during the compulsory pit stop sequence, before greeting the chequered flag 1.2 seconds clear of his nearest rival.

“We’ve been learning a lot about the new MRF tyre across the past couple of days.  We’ve had to change quite a bit in the set up of the cars but we’re getting on top of it,” Grant Sherrin said.

“There’s more that we want out of the car but it takes time to perfect things and we’ll get there.”

Grant’s race one outright and class win was the first of two class race victories for the Sherrin pair across the weekend, with Iain Sherrin claiming the honours in the fourth one-hour encounter.

“The weekend was great, obviously we would have liked to have got first outright for the round as well and we were looking good for that but we made a bit of a blunder in the third race with our pit stop.  It was just one of those things. It was a genuine mistake but it cost us dearly in the overall points for the weekend,” said Iain Sherrin, referencing a post-race penalty which dropped the #18 from first to ninth in the third race.

“We learnt a heap this weekend and in the end we were pushing as hard as we could in that last race, for the whole race.  After all we have learned this weekend we are really looking forward to the Six Hour at Bathurst and seeing what we can do there.”

Eckhardt impressed in his first MRF Tyres Australian Production Car races, claiming a pair of class wins across the weekend to secure the Class B1 honours for the round.  The pace shown by Eckhardt aboard the #19 Sherrin Rentals BMW 135i was strong all weekend, boding well for the year ahead.

“It was a very good result for the team.  The tyres held up well and the weekend was relatively drama free,” said Eckhardt.

“During race two, it felt very good to play with all of the big boys out there and stay with them until the end.

“We continually learnt a lot about the new MRF tyres with each session.  The pressures and getting the car set-up right is critical.  We’d like to think that we’re nearly there and there’s a lot of good things to come.”

Sherrin Racing will next be in action at the Bathurst Six Hour across the Easter Weekend on April 18-20 before the 2019 MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Championship resumes at Phillip Island on the final weekend in June.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Wirtgen Group, Clark Equipment, Kobelco, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Sherrin Group, Great White Lighting, Revolution Paint and Panel, Action Mechanical Specialists, Custom Plastic Fabrication, Symmetry Engineering, RNR Refinish, and Industry iQ.



With the 2018 season now run and done, the 2017 outright and Class A1 champions have also announced their plans for 2019


Sherrin Racing persevered through tyre blowouts to bring home second in the outright and A1 2018 Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars Championships at the weekend.

The brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin brought the #1 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 home in second outright and in class in Sunday’s Phillip Island Six Hour race, which saw much of the field affected by flat tyres throughout the race.

“It was a hard day but we had really good pace at the start of the race and we were always within two seconds of (then leader) Grant Denyer,” Iain Sherrin explained.

“We got a penalty early which threw our strategy out and we lost around 40 seconds. We thought we could get more time out of the first set of tyres than we did so we made a strategic call to not change tyres during our first stop to recoup some time and around 40 minutes later, we had our first failure, followed by a second just half an hour later.

“It soon became apparent that the tyres couldn’t stand up to the pace at which we wanted to drive the car, so we had to back off and just do all we could to try and bring home the best possible result while managing the tyre situation.

“We were hoping for a safety car, but somehow we went the entire six hours without a single safety car intervention which is basically unheard and was a real surprise for everyone in the field.”

The battles for the outright and A1 titles were exceptionally competitive all season long.

“It was a really hot championship – there were four entries who could have won outright and in class this weekend and three of those showed up. The eventual winners came from fourth on the standings and we missed out on the big trophy by just 17 points!” Grant Sherrin said.

“When you come second by such a small margin you can’t help but look back over the year at the small areas that could have made all the difference, but at the end of the day it is good that there is so much competition and it is always exciting for everyone to have the championship come down to the very last race.

“It would have been nice to see the race and as such, the championship, won on pure pace and performance rather than tyre blowouts, but that is the way it goes sometimes. Onwards and upwards!”

Speaking of onwards and upwards, the Sherrin Racing outfit has outlined its plans for the 2019 season.

“In 2019 we will be fielding both the M4 and the #19 Sherrin Racing BMW 135i in what will be known as the MRF Tyres Australian Production Cars, with Grant and Iain once again piloting the M4 and Klae Eckhardt joining me at the wheel of the 135i,” Team Principal, Michael Sherrin, said.

“Klae has been practicing in the BMW 135i during the practice and qualifying sessions at the APC Winton, Sydney Motorsport Park and Phillip Island rounds this year and also ran in his first ever races at Phillip Island this weekend as part of the BMW E30 and Invitational support program.

“He has truly impressed everyone with his first full race meeting – he qualified on the front row, finished fourth and then second in the two sprint races on Saturday, and then brought home the victory in the one-hour enduro held on Sunday morning.

“I am very much looking forward to partnering with Klae in the 135i and assisting with Grant and Iain’s campaign in the M4 as we look to take on the outright/A1 and B1 championships in 2019.

“That won’t be all either – we will also be entering the M4 in the 2019 Bathurst 6 Hour. We have a big year ahead, and we can’t wait to get into it.”

Eckhardt, who has been a crew member with Sherrin Racing for a number of years, was equally enthusiastic about next year’s plans.

“I have really enjoyed coming to grips with the 135i and to take out the race victory on Sunday at Phillip Island was something that I was absolutely ecstatic about,” Eckhardt explained.

“I can’t thank Sherrin Racing and all of the crew as well as the team’s sponsors enough for the opportunity and I am really looking forward to seeing what we can do in 2019.”

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Group, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers, Great White Lighting, Kobelco, Revolution Paint and Panel and Battery World.

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While their competitors struggled with tyre degradation, Sherrin Racing has powered through for a podium finish at Sydney Motorsport Park at the weekend and as a result, moved into second on the championship ladder ahead of November’s final round of the Australian Production Cars.

Heading to the Phillip Island Six Hour, Grant and Iain Sherrin and their Sherrin Rentals BMW M4 now sit just 25 points shy of current championship leaders Grant Denyer and Tony D’Alberto and their Lotus Exige.

With 180 points on offer at the final round, the weekend’s result is a key strategic move for the team as they look to defend their APC outright and Class A1 Championship.

“Tyre degradation was a huge talking point at Sydney Motorsport Park but our result at the weekend is testament to all of the development work we have put into the M4 – last year we were here and we were blowing tyres, but we have learnt how to manage that and today, it went great,” Grant Sherrin explained.

“The car was great, and while we had a little bit of a wheel stud issue in the second last pit stop, other than that our race went off without a hitch. The car started strong, and it just got better as the race went on.

“We are happy with third place because it is so important to our championship tilt – it will sure be interesting at Philip Island!”

Iain Sherrin feels that the M4 will be able to take the fight to the ‘new kids on the block’, the Lotus Exiges, come November’s big finale.

“The car was bulletproof today and I guess that is the year of development we put in across 2017 really coming to the fore. We know we have a good package, and while the guys out front were quick today I think at Phillip Island with the ‘extra legs’ the M4 has got, we will have their measure,” Iain Sherrin said.

“You could even see that at Sydney Motorsport Park down the straights, although the Lotuses were a bit quicker around the corners, but when we head to the sweeping Phillip Island circuit the M4 is going to be a force to be reckoned with I believe.”

The Phillip Island Six Hour will be held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit across November 2-4, 2018.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers.

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Sherrin Racing has walked away from Winton Motor Raceway having significantly cut the points lead of their nearest rivals in the Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars at the weekend.

Brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin brought home the #1 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 in third place on Saturday and fourth place on Sunday while their nearest title rivals struggled with mechanical issues.

As a result, the brothers tied for third in the round rankings and made considerable gains in the points standings with two rounds now remaining on the APC calendar.

“It was a really fun weekend out there and to come away with a good swag of points while cutting down the margin to the leaders is something we are really happy about,” Grant Sherrin explained.

“The car was fantastic all weekend and the racing was great as well – who would have thought that in four hours of racing you would have only one safety car!”

The Sherrins came ‘oh so close’ to making it a pair of third place finishes, crossing the line on Sunday just a car length behind the third-placed Lotus of Tony and Kyle Alford who were the only entry to not complete a pit stop over the two-hour proceedings.

“We thought that he was going to do a pit stop so we weren’t worrying too much about chasing him down there until around 15 minutes to go when we realised, he wasn’t going to stop!” explained Iain Sherrin.

“I put the foot down and started taking time out of him then, but we just ran out of track time. If we had more laps, I think we could have challenged for that third place.

“Even so, it was a fun weekend out there and championship wise it was very profitable for us. I can’t wait to get to Sydney Motorsport Park for round four and see what else we can do to maybe get ourselves to the top of that points ladder!”

Sherrin Racing will now turn its attention to round four of the Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars, to be held at Sydney Motorsport Park in less than three weeks across September 21-23.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers. For more on the team, visit



Sherrin Racing has stormed home to a strong second place for Sunday’s race and for the round both outright and in Class A1 at Queensland Raceway aboard the #1 Sherrin Rentals BMW M4.

The team was competing in round two of the Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars, which featured two 300km races across the weekend including the infamous Fight in the Night race under lights on Saturday evening.

Despite some late race difficultly, Sherrin Racing persevered for third place outright and in class on Saturday evening before powering through an exceptionally competitive 300kms on Sunday to secure second on the podium and for the weekend overall.

Iain Sherrin started both races from third on the grid, while his brother Grant Sherrin took care of the second stint to bring the BMW M4 across the line.

“We are really happy,” exclaimed driver Iain Sherrin on Sunday afternoon.

“I had a good stint including some really good fights with round winner Beric Lynton at the start of today’s race. Unfortunately that probably helped the race-winning Lotus get a bit of a gap, as once I got past Beric in his BMW M3 I was able to draw a bit of a gap over him.

“I realised at that point it was smarter to settle into a groove and look after the tyres rather than try and reel in the Lotus at that early point of the race, as that way we would ensure we had a good car for the end.

“It was a lot of fun out there with lots of cars to pass and some really great battles, I am really happy with how it all played out.”

For Grant, late race safety cars impeded a genuine opportunity to challenge for the race win, yet he is still happy with how the weekend played out overall.

“It was a bit of a tough gig at the end of the race on Sunday with a few safety cars and each time with where the train of lapped traffic was there were seven or eight cars between us and the leader on the restarts,” Grant explained.

“It was just too much to surmount; I feel that if it wasn’t for having so many cars to overtake at each restart we really could have run with the Lotus and maybe had a go at challenging them for the win – I think we had the car to do that.

“All in all though it was a great job by the whole team this weekend, both Iain and I really enjoyed our drives and there was some fantastic racing.

“Second this weekend overall is very important for the championship and very satisfying. Now we look ahead to round three!”

The team will next be on-track with the Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars across August 30 to September 2 at Winton Motor Raceway for round three of the 2018 season.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group, PSC Insurance Brokers, Kobelco and Great White. For more on the team, visit




An exciting opportunity has become available for a qualified race car mechanic to join Sherrin Racing team.

Sherrin Racing is Australia’s leading Production Car Team. As the current Australian Production Car champions and the Bathurst 6 Hour champions, we proudly represent a winning heritage combined with an enthusiastic, team-based culture.

We now have a position available for an experienced Mechanic, based in our Pinkenba workshop in Brisbane. This position will be part of the travelling crew competing at all rounds of the Australian Production Car series. In this challenging role, you will be responsible for all aspects of race car preparation, including servicing, repairs and set-up.

To be a success in this role, you will have significant experience as a Mechanic / Technician preferably with BMW or European car experience or an equivalent motorsport role, ideally with a strong background in race car set up. You will be enthusiastic, embrace challenges and responsibility with enthusiasm and energy. You enjoy a being part of a successful team, pride yourself on your professional approach and possess a positive attitude.
Specifically, you display the following:
*Working to deliver constant improvements to the racing cars.
*Desire to provide excellent mechanical knowledge/diagnosis with ability to present and communicate information clearly.
*Ability to work alone and successfully with a team.
*Ability to work in a time-sensitive environment and under pressure.
*Be part of the pit crew during race events.
*Good communication skills, attention to detail, flexibility with work hours, high level of motivation, adapt to meet the changing needs of the team.
*Be available to travel to race meetings during the racing season.
*Display a desire to help the team improve and contribute to the success of our racing program.
*Finally, you must be an Australian resident, or already have a valid Australian working visa to apply.

In return we offer the right candidate an industry leading culture, excellent working conditions, competitive salary, and ongoing support.

If you possess these qualities, please send your resume to
All applications will be treated strictly confidential and only those shortlisted for interviews will be contacted.



Sherrin Racing had its fair share of challenges at the opening round of the 2018 Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars, but that didn’t stop the team from bringing home a pair of race podiums across the weekend.

Friday saw all of the APC competitors greeted with very soggy conditions, with the Sherrin Racing team deciding to take a measured approach to qualifying in the #1 Sherrin Rentals BWM M4.

When the sun came out on Saturday morning, the final practice proved their mid-pack qualifying result was due to nothing but their cautious approach, with Iain Sherrin setting the second fastest time on-track.

Saturday hosted a field of 40-plus cars for the two races, with the NSW State Production Cars series joining the national competitors on-track. Iain Sherrin started race one from 21st on the grid, working his way strongly through the field to bring home second position in an impressive display.

Come race two, Grant Sherrin started off the front row and went straight to work challenging for the win. However, trouble would soon strike with the M4 hitting a ripple strip which would propel the car into the wall for heavy damage to the front bar and the radiator, ending the team’s race.

After an all-hands-on-deck effort overnight and into the morning, the crew were able to present a repaired car for race three on Sunday morning. The team again turned heads with Iain Sherrin working his way through from the back of the field to as high as eighth position despite the car being restricted on power due to an intercooler charging pump issue. Unfortunately, that pump issue would ultimately become critical in the final minutes of the race, leaving the M4 stranded on-track.

Once again, the team was tasked with starting from the rear of the grid, with Grant this time taking the wheel for the fourth and final race of the weekend.

In a stunning display, he would waste no time – moving from P21 to P13 in just four corners on lap one, and later advancing all the way to second position.

“This weekend truly had it all – from torrential downpours to sunshine, from race podiums to crashes and mechanical failures, what a weekend it was,” Iain said.

“While we of course would have loved to get the wins in those two races, given what we faced in the other two those podium placings really felt like a win for the whole team and what a great reward they were for all of their hard work.

“Sometimes in motorsport you have weekends like this, we are just happy that we are able to walk away on a high note, ready to regroup and make sure we come back for our home round at Queensland Raceway even stronger.”

For Grant, the second-place finish in race four was especially important.

“No one likes to crash and it certainly felt pretty terrible to have that incident on Saturday when we were in the box seat to have a great fight for the race win,” Grant said.

“We had a whole lot of work ahead of us, and then some more when it turned out we had some issues hanging over from the crash that we had to rectify.

“Everyone dug deep and we got it done, and I am just so glad I could bring it home strong and straight in that last race to repay everyone for their hard work and their support.

“The car was just on-song and there was no stopping us. We didn’t have the track time to close that last gap to the race winner, but if we had had a safety car or more track-time, I think we could have really fought for the win.”

Sherrin Racing will next be on-track for round two of the 2018 Jacuzzi Spas Australian Production Cars, hitting Queensland Raceway across July 27-29.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group, PSC Insurance Brokers, Kobelco and Great White. For more on the team, visit



The #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 has claimed not only both Australian Production Car race wins and the round win at Wakefield Park at the weekend, but also the outright and Class A1 APC Cup Championships as a result.

The M4 – steered by brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin – brought home convincing wins on both Saturday and Sunday after having earlier qualified on pole.

While its competitors may have suspected the tight Wakefield Park circuit wouldn’t suit the M4, the team dug deep to ensure they did all they could to secure the victory – and secure it they did.

“It really does seem like the M4 is bullet proof now – it took us a while to get there but ever since the round at Sydney Motorsport Park the car has performed really well and that is three wins in a row now – I think we have got it right!” Iain Sherrin said.

“It is a bit of a relief to have it done – we won the championship a couple of years ago in the 135i and do it with this car now after all of the development and hard work that has gone into it is just fantastic.”

Iain started both races this weekend, leaving it to his younger brother Grant Sherrin to bring it home.

“The car went awesome today, we just couldn’t fault it – we had the grip, we had the speed, and we just got in front there and managed it from there,” Grant Sherrin said after Sunday’s race.

“This result is a real credit to the team – with dad (Michael Sherrin) as team manager and the crew guys Jimmy, Clay and Nathan doing a fantastic job in the pit stops, it all came together.

“It has been a great team effort all year. Who would have thought heading to SMP that we could get to the championship, but we have done it! Bring on next year!”

Sherrin Racing will return to the Australian Production Cars in 2018 to defend their Outright and Class A1 championship. The calendar for the 2018 season is expected to be released shortly.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers. For more on the team, visit



The #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4 has broken through for its first ever race win, taking victory at the Australian Production Cars’ Island Four Hour event at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

The car – driven by brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin – was debuted as a brand-new car earlier this year at the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour. Following two podium positions (one at SMP and one at QR), the weekend’s event was the venue of its first ever race win.

With changeable weather conditions, a blown front right tyre early and a hiccup just an hour from the finish line; the win did not come easy, but it was convincing.

The lead was first taken at the end of the first lap, with the #18 pulling off an overtaking move down the long pit straight to take the position it would hold for the first 12 laps, building a 34 second lead in the process with Grant at the wheel. Then, a front right tyre failure struck, forcing Grant to the pit lane for a tyre change. Thankfully, the gap the #18 had held over the nearest contender coupled with the calling of a safety car for another competitor shortly after meant that the damage to the on-track position for the Sherrins was mitigated.

Upon the restart, the #18 was in second position and soon able to pass for the lead, controlling the field for the remainder of the race despite a heart-stopping moment where, following a race stoppage which saw the entire field parked up on the straight while track repairs were undertaken, the car needed to be reset on the restart. Once again, with a strong gap to the next challenger, this was able to be undertaken without sacrificing the lead and the #18 – now with Iain at the wheel – would be brought home for its first ever race win.

“Finally!” grinned Grant as Iain crossed the finish line.

“It has been a long season up until now, but we finally got the M4 up the front and on the top step of the podium and we are stoked.

“The car went perfectly all day, it just had speed, it had grip and it is really getting there so here we are on the top spot, and we are just thrilled.

“Iain put in a great drive, the strategy worked out well and the team did a fantastic job in the pit stops. It has been a great effort by the boys to get it where it is and it is just so good.

“My thanks has to go to all the guys in the team, they have done a great job with the strategy and the pit stops and Iain put in a great drive – hopefully we can keep her on number one at Wakefield! Bring on the next round!”

The win this weekend is a first not only for the #18, but also for Sherrin Racing when it comes to winning at ‘The Island.’

“This is just awesome. Not only is it great to get the M4 her first win, but it is also great to do it here at Phillip Island – we have been so close over the past four or five years to taking outright victory here, but before today we hadn’t quite managed it,” explained Iain Sherrin at the podium.

“It is safe to say that we are absolutely ecstatic. The car was a dream to drive, the team did a great job, Grant drove a fantastic stint for the start of the race and even though he had a bit of a problem with the tyre, we got it sorted and he made it easy for me.

“On the restart after the second safety car we had a bit of a moment when I went to take off. I believe that in sitting on the straight for that period of time, the car got a bit hot and when I went to take off, it just wasn’t happy. I stopped and did a full reset and we were good to go again – thankfully we had the gap to allow us to do that.

“What a day – this is just the best. Bring on Wakefield!”

The #19 Sherrin Racing BMW 135i of Michael Sherrin and Stephen Champion had also been entered to compete in the event but was however forced to sit out proceedings following an incident on Friday.

“On Friday the weather was just terrible, and during the second practice session Stephen went out to get a feel for the wet conditions and unfortunately that didn’t go as well as we might have hoped,” Michael Sherrin explained.

“We had heavy contact with the earth wall at Siberia and the damage was too much to fix this weekend. This place sure can bite you, and this weekend we got bit very hard in the #19. Unfortunately, that sometimes happens and the main thing is that no one was hurt, and we can get the car sorted over the break to be back for Wakefield.

“While the #19 might not have had its day this weekend, you still can’t wipe the grins off all of our faces here at Sherrin Racing. Grant, Iain and the entire team did a fantastic job with the #18 this weekend and I am so proud to see us bring home the outright and Class A1 victories at Phillip Island. I can’t wait to see what we can do at Wakefield Park in November!”

This weekend’s racing at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit marked the penultimate round for the 2017 APC season. Sherrin Racing will next be on-track for the final round of the 2017 APC season, to be held at Wakefield Park Raceway across November 18 and 19.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers. For more on the team, visit



The #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i locked out two race wins and the round win in Class B1 for the Australian Production Cars at the weekend, while the #18 Sherrin Racing BMWM4 was second for the round outright and in Class A1 after race finishes of second and fourth.

The Queensland-based team was at Queensland Raceway across August 4-6 for round four of the Australian Production Cars 2017 season, which featured the infamous Fight in the Night race on Saturday evening.

Across both races, the #19 dominated the class B1 battle from start to finish to bring home the race victories and the round win, with Michael Sherrin and Stephen Champion putting in strong performances in the yellow machine all weekend long.

“It was fantastic out there, we have had a really great weekend,” said Champion, who was enjoying only his second ever ‘tin top’ race meeting and his first ever trip to QR.

“The driving was great and the car is so easy to drive, the guys have put together a really great car. I just feel so much better and more comfortable in the car after all these laps. I was pushing harder at the end there and getting consistent laps and I was really happy with how it all went.”

Team patriarch and father of Grant and Iain, Michael Sherrin, said he was very pleased with the results of the weekend for both cars.

“To take the Class B1 win over the weekend is a great result and it was a strong showing for the #18 as well,” Michael said.

“In our car, Stephen did a really great job all weekend long and I am very proud of how he is progressing in the car.

“Both races were good and clean for us and while on Sunday things didn’t go the way of the #18 with a undeserved penalty and then a mistake with strategy, I think the entire team can hold their heads high for another weekend well done.”

In the #18 Sherrin Racing BMW M4, it was a case of so close but so far on Saturday with the team settling for second outright and in class A1 on that occasion, before a strategy call gone awry on Sunday saw the car finish fourth. On both occasions, the #18 impressed with its lightning quick lap times.

On Saturday, Iain started the race from pole and took the race lead by the mid-way point of the first lap. From there, he built a commanding lead to be 39 seconds in front of the nearest contender when it came time to hand the car over to Grant Sherrin in the pit stop.

Grant rejoined in third before taking back the race lead when the pit stop cycle was complete. However, six laps from the flag, a second safety car and fresher tyres for the challenger saw the #18 forced to settle for second despite having lead the entire way (besides during the pit stops) to that point.

“In the last ten laps on Saturday, Rick (Bates) and I were lapping the fastest laps of the race! We were constantly running ‘18s’, so we were putting a fair bit on the car. We had only changed one tyre in our stop as well where perhaps we should have changed two – it was quite slippery maintaining that pace and credit has to go to Rick – he kept me honest in every single lap at the end there!” laughed Grant.

“I could get away from him around most of the place but he was getting me back through corners four and five. When I unfortunately made a small mistake through there, he was right there and able to pounce.

“While the ultimate result might have been one spot shy of what we would have loved, it was a great race on Saturday – the car was very quick, the team did a fantastic job and a great pit stop, and Iain drove a fantastic first stint.”

On Sunday, Iain Sherrin would again start and have the lead by the end of the first lap, going on to build a considerable gap before unfortunately receiving what would end up being an undeserved drive through penalty for overtaking under the race’s only safety car.

After serving the penalty, Iain Sherrin would re-join the field in fifth from where he would push hard to regain the race lead by lap 39, before handing over to Grant on lap 50 with a 11.48s gap over the nearest contender.  A change of brake pads was undertaken, before a second stop was undertaken for fuel. However, this two-stop strategy backfired when the second stop was made under the assumption of a second safety car being called, which unfortunately did not eventuate for the crew. The #18 would re-join down the field and put in a valiant effort to push on to finish fourth for the race.

“The drive through penalty was really very disappointing as we fought it at the time and then in a post-race review, they found that what we had said was correct – I hadn’t passed anyone. In fact, a lapped car had passed me under safety car and then redressed that mistake to go back behind me,” Iain explained.

“It is what it is though and there is nothing we can do about it now. At the end of the day we still have a pretty good result even if we didn’t make the right call with the strategy, and we are still making progress in the right direction!

“The car is a real rocket around here, it can hold a very quick lap over and over and it is just fantastic to drive. I think we are pretty much done with all of the gremlins with the car now, so hopefully we can start really focusing again on strategy and get into the hunt for the M4’s first win now!”

The Sherrin Racing team will next be on-track with the Australian Production Cars at Phillip Island across September 8-10.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers. For more on the team, visit




The Sherrin Racing BMWM4 has come home with a best-ever race result of second and a personal-best round result of third outright and in Class A1 for the Tyreright Sydney Challenge, held at Sydney Motorsport Park at the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Class B1 entry of Michael Sherrin and Stephen Champion – the #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i – took home two class race wins on their way to securing the runner-up in class spot, missing out on the top spot by just one point.

The results for the team come after what has been a character-building start for the year, but with the teething problems of the M4 now seemingly resolved, things are looking up for the hard-working family crew.

“Saturday’s race one was our fifth start for the Sherrin Racing BMW M4 and to say we were delighted to bring home our first race finish for the car in that outing would be an understatement,” driver Grant Sherrin – who celebrated his birthday on Saturday – explained.

“The car had always boasted lightning quick speed especially on the long straights, but we just couldn’t get it to the end of races with new-car gremlins – thankfully, that seems to be behind us now hopefully.

“While we came home with four race finishes and race results of fourth, fifth, fourth and second; tyres were a real issue all weekend not only for us but for a lot of the field – however we seemed to be the worst effected with three flats from four races. Who knows what could have been if we hadn’t been so affected in that way.

“We wouldn’t give up though and we are very happy with the way we ended our weekend with a solid second place in the race and third overall for the round – it is a great step forward for what is a very hard-working group of people.”

To avoid the tyre dramas which plagued them in races one to three, a raft of set-up changes were made to the #18 heading into race four, explains driver Iain Sherrin.

“Race four was much better for us as far as tyre wear, but all of the changes we made to accommodate the tyre degradation did see us compromise somewhat on the set-up of the car and it was quite ‘skatey’ as a result,” Iain said.

“We knew it would be like that when we headed out and we just drove to accommodate that as much as we could. The good thing is that now, with the new car gremlins seemingly sorted, we can put all our efforts into getting that set-up right to make for a more enjoyable drive at future events now.”

In the #19, family patriarch Michael Sherrin was joined in the driving duties by family friend Stephen Champion – who was experiencing his first ever production car races this weekend in what was only his second ever race meeting.

The pair came home with two class race wins and missed out on taking the win for the class overall for the weekend by only one point.

“Stephen did a fantastic job at the wheel of the #19 all weekend long, especially when you consider the fact that this is all so new to him,” Michael Sherrin said.

“The whole team put in a fantastic effort for both cars all weekend long, and while I am sorry we missed out by ‘that much’ on the Class B1 round win, I am still ecstatic with the results that we were able to achieve.

“Two race class wins for the #19 and personal-best results for the #18 after the hard-fought battle of the first half of the season is so very rewarding, and I can’t thank all the guys in the crew enough for all of their hard work this year. I can’t wait to see what we can do at our home track in Queensland in a month’s time!”

When it came to Champion, to know how he felt about the weekend one only had to take a look at the huge grin on his face following the final race.

“It has been a great weekend – it was my first production car race and my second race event ever, and it is safe to say that it was just fantastic,” Champion said.

“The team was fantastic and a great support and I had a great time driving with Mike. Overall, it was just awesome – the more miles I got, the better I felt, and I set my fastest time in the last race. I really enjoyed the whole weekend, and hopefully I can come back again in the future!”

Sherrin Racing will next be on-track with the Australian Production Cars at Queensland Raceway across August 4-6, for what will be the fourth of six rounds for the 2017 Series.

Sherrin Racing is supported on-track by Tyreright, Hi-Tec Oils, JCB, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals, Wirtgen Group and PSC Insurance Brokers. For more on the team, visit



Sherrins charge 13 spots in one lap on Saturday, before car issues intervene

It has been a challenging weekend at Winton Motor Raceway for Sherrin Racing, with the Sherrin Racing BMW M4 to undergo further research and development ahead of next month’s round three at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The weekend got off to a blazing start for the Sherrins, with the M4 topping all four practice sessions with ease across Friday and Saturday.

However, gremlins then struck – the entry would miss qualifying after enduring an issue with the fuel pump system as it rolled out for the session and while it would push out for a one-lap flier the team would be thwarted in that effort, with the car coming to a stop at turn two.

After starting from the rear of the grid for Saturday’s race as a result, Grant Sherrin put in a charging effort to pass 13 cars in one lap – 10 cars in only three corners – to be third and challenging Chaz Mostert for second by the close of the opening lap.

By the end of the second lap he would be in second position, before overtaking Rod Salmon for the race lead on lap seven. Grant would lead the field convincingly over the first half of the race, but when it came time to hand over to Iain, disaster would strike. First, a drive through penalty would be incurred for a blend line infraction, and then a misfire that had been building throughout the race would refuse to be ignored any longer, resulting in a catastrophic engine failure to see the #18 stranded on the track.

An overnight engine change ensued, and in Sunday morning’s warm-up the car appeared to be on-song with the team ready for another charge through the field from the rear of the grid. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, with an error code being displayed on the formation lap to bring the car back to the pit lane. While it would venture out twice during the first half of the race, with the issue persevering, it would eventually be withdrawn for fear of damaging the car even further. It was later identified that the issue was a broken cam shaft.

“Obviously this isn’t how we wanted to see this weekend end, but at the end of the day it is sometimes what you deal with when you are developing a brand new car that no one has raced in this category before,” Sherrin Racing team principal Michael Sherrin explained.

“The car’s performance yesterday at the start of the race was just brilliant, and we have shown what this car and Grant and Iain are capable of when the car is performing as it should.

“At the same time, it is still very early days with the R and D for this car and we have more work to do – that won’t see us down though, it took us a few years to sort out the BMW 135i and they became outright and Class B championship winning cars. We are confident we can do that again and nothing will stop us doing everything we can to bring home the Sherrin Racing BMW M4 for its first race win sometime soon.”

Sherrin Racing will next be on-track for round three of the Australian Production Cars, hitting Sydney Motorsport Park across July 7-9. For more information on Sherrin Racing, visit



The Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour marked not only round one of the 2017 Australian Production Cars season, but also the debut of the brand-new #18 Sherrin Rentals BMW M4.

Straight out of the box, the #18 topped the time sheets and that would remain the case all through Friday and Saturday with the crowning glory coming with pole position for the 64-strong field thanks to a record-breaking 2m 25.487s lap.

Not only was the car quick on the clock, it was fast when it came to the speedometer as well – being recorded through the speed trap at no less than 277 km/h on Saturday, some 20km/h faster than the next fastest car in the field.

When it came time for the race, new car gremlins raised their head after Grant Sherrin had convincingly lead the first nine laps of the race. A loose hose forced the car to an early compulsory pit stop and due to the length of time for repairs, the entry would go three laps down on the rest of the field.

Not ones to give up, the team set to work, pushing hard in the car and concentrating on strategy to move through the field to be back on the lead lap in P15 with one hour and 50 minutes left on the clock.

Just laps later, Iain Sherrin moved into P8 to be only 11 seconds shy of the race leader, when a flat right front tyre forced the #18 to the garage. There, the issue was rectified alongside a driver change – unfortunately, upon Grant’s return to the track a loose fuel breather hose was discovered, which is suspected to have contributed to electrical issues that would soon see the entry counted out of the race.

Despite the heart-breaking end to a race full of heart, the team is adamant the positives outweigh the negatives and that a great year awaits them across the remainder of the 2017 APC season.

“The car clearly has the goods and there is still more that we can do with it. I was trying to not get too excited heading into today as we knew it was a new car and it is not unusual to encounter new car bugs,” Grant said.

“At the same time, we thought we had them all smoothed out and hoped that today would be smooth sailing – however, it just wasn’t to be.

“At the end of the day, we have an amazing car. It is so fast and there is so much more in it yet, and also in Iain and myself at the wheel as we come to grips with this beast. It brakes and handles just as good as the 135i and it has the straight-line speed as well – I have a really good feeling about what is to come.”

For Iain, the process of moving through the field lap after lap was one which was challenging yet exhilarating.

“I loved it, it was awesome. Every time you got that free kick with the safety car and went around there was another 50 or 60 cars to pass again, you were in and out and it was really busy all of the time,” Iain Sherrin explained.

“Keeping the lap speed up was critical as we had to get to the front of that train again and again to be able to get around and get that safety car and jump around another lap. It was really challenging but I had a ball, I just loved it.

“When I got onto the lead lap the crew came onto the radio to tell me and I had to ask them to repeat it – when it sunk in all I could do was say well done to the crew, the strategy was perfect and we were ready to go after it, unfortunately it just wasn’t our day.”

For Michael Sherrin – family patriarch and team principal of Sherrin Racing – the race was a story of hard work and perseverance.

“The whole team put in a great effort today and the strategy was right on-song even when things went awry for us early with the loose hose,” Michael said.

“We certainly weren’t planning on that but we dug in and did all we could to bring it back and we really looked like we would get it done.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t go that way in the end but we are holding our heads high – we topped all the sessions on Friday and Saturday, qualified on pole, broke the track production car lap record, and were the fastest car on track.

“We then led convincingly at the beginning of the race before we went three laps down with the first issue, but even that couldn’t stop us challenging for the lead before we ultimately weren’t able to go any further. We showed what we can do and we now know that this car has all the legs we thought she did, and more – it is going to be a great year.

“Jimmy has done a great job building this car even with time against him, and the pit crew did a fantastic job on all the stops – we can walk away feeling proud and you can rest assured that we will be ones to watch come Winton in June!”

The Sherrin Racing team will next be on-track with the Australian Production Cars at Winton Motor Raceway across June 9-11, for round two of the six-event APC season.

Highlights from the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour will be broadcast on Sunday the 23rd of April from 2.00pm (check local guides) on SBS Speedweek.

For more information on Sherrin Racing, visit



The #18 Sherrin Rentals BMW M4 might be a brand-new car, but it has delivered the goods early for the Sherrin team – setting the two fastest laps for the first practice session this morning.

Grant Sherrin laid down a 2m 27.973s lap early, before brother Iain took over in the second half of the stanza and improved their timesheet topping time to 2m 27.885s on the second last lap.

After taking out the Class B title for the third consecutive year last year after winning the outright title in 2015, the Sherrin family team sold their championship-winning BMW135i after the final round of 2016 and set about building the new M4.

While the car has enjoyed two bouts of testing before this weekend, the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour – which doubles as round one of the 2017 APC – is its first competitive outing.

“We are pretty happy straight out of the box. It is a good car to drive, it is nice and stable, a little bit wider and a little bit longer than the old 135i. It has a bit bigger tyres on it so cornering and the grip levels are just up there,” Grant Sherrin said.

“The new tiptonic DCU gearbox is something to get used to, but it is good fun. It is quick down the straights and up the hill – really quick – and overall it is a nice car to drive.

“After the test days where it everything went well we did think it would be quick here, but there is a whole lot of unknowns coming here too – there are a lot of new cars here, and it is still early days with a lot of people still getting into the groove.

“We will see what happens – the main thing is that we are on the grid on Sunday and from there, we will see where we end up.”

After the session, the smile on Iain Sherrin’s face was hard to miss. His sheet-topping lap was just 0.7 seconds behind the time set by the 2016 pole sitters and 0.4 of a second faster than the next-best car.

“That felt really good, certainly up and down the mountain the car feels awesome,” Iain Sherrin said.

“There are a couple of little things we need to work – we are just having a little bit of a traction issue through some of the corners so we just have to tidy up some of our suspension settings – but other than that it feels awesome.

“That fast lap at the end there was really good. It was actually the first time that I was able to get a clear run across the top of the Mountain. I did get some traffic passing a car on the apex of the Chase though so I did have to roll out of it a little bit which meant I was surprised when it came up as that fast of a lap!

“The car certainly is fast down the straight and you pick up a bit of time there, but I still think there is more in it too.”

The Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour action continues this afternoon with another hour-long practice session. Practice two will kick off at 1.35pm.



We are excited to reveal what we had under the cover, and announce that Sherrin Racing will be running a BMW M4 in the 2017 Australian Production Car Series !! Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date as everything unfolds and we get ready for the upcoming race season.



For the third year in a row, Sherrin Racing has claimed the Class B production car championship.

Grant Sherrin and Iain Sherrin took out the title in the #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i by finishing first in Class B and second outright in the ADLED Australian Production Cars Four Hour Race at the weekend. By doing so, they also took home third in the outright title chase.

Held at Sydney Motorsport Park, the event was the final round in the 2016 Australian Production Cars Series and saw both Sherrin Cars – the #1 and the #19 – head into the weekend in the running for the Class B title.

However with the #19 falling foul of gearbox issues during Sunday’s race, it was left to the #1 to claim the title while shooting for the best possible race result possible while the #19 took home second outright in the class title for the third year running.

Despite having to start the race from the rear of the grid after being found ‘over boost’ during qualifying, Grant Sherrin had an impressive run early – carving through the 30 car field to be 15th by the end of lap one, and fifth by lap 17.

With a strong pit-stop mid-race to leapfrog Beric Lynton and later, a great effort by Iain Sherrin to un-lap the entry, meant the pairing and its crew could push on to bring home the podium result on what was a hot and blustery Sunday at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“We are very happy to take out the Class B championship, it is certainly great to back it up. We have claimed this title for the last three years, so we are pretty stoked to have the hat trick there,” Grant Sherrin said.

“It was a good race – we stuck to the strategy. Unfortunately I had a bit of a tough race at the start, as I started 30th at the rear of the grid.

“I worked my way through and while it did take a little bit to make my way up the front with it being such a big field, it was great fun at the same time.

“It was actually pretty enjoyable getting to dive down some cars and mix it up a fair bit. I had to use a fair bit of the tyres up in the first stint before Iain got in in the process though.

“Iain did a fantastic job in driving during his stint, which was during what was probably the hottest part of the day. The track really went away at that point so he did a great job to get us back there.

“The crew also need to be applauded, they did a great job in the pit stop – we got it timed right on that first safety car, came in and put our tyres on and got back out there. We actually leap frogged Beric at that point. Iain did a great job getting the lap back by passing Tony too, but the guys in the pits did a great job allowing us to leap frog Beric with that pit stop – it really played a key part in our strategy for the weekend.”

On the #19, the crew worked exceptionally hard all weekend to keep the entry of Michael Sherrin and David Ayres on-track, however after an intense gearbox change on Saturday between qualifying sessions and further work on Sunday on the second gearbox, it just wasn’t to be for the yellow Sherrin Racing machine which took out second in the Class B season title.

“Through practice and qualifying in the #19 we unfortunately had a problem with the first gearbox so we changed it over to our spare and also re-mapped our ECU,” explained Michael Sherrin.

“Unfortunately that map didn’t work very well off the start of the race and it kept on having issues.

“Given this, we had to bring the car back in and re-map again.

“At the same time, the spare gearbox we had put in – even though it had been overhauled – unfortunately was experiencing the same troubles as the first and at the two hour and 10 minute mark, it gave up all together.

“This was particularly disappointing as after the re-mapping, the car was up there with the leaders but by that time, the gearbox had given up the ghost.”

While the race might not have gone the way they wanted in the #19, Michael Sherrin was certainly happy with the efforts of his sons in the #1.

“It was a fantastic effort by Grant straight off the line in the race. I don’t know how many cars he jumped as I was in the #19 at the time but it seemed like it was just a blink of the eye before he was next to me,” said Michael Sherrin.

“For those two to go on from there to get second was just great racing against the other guys at the top. It is a deserved win to Beric Lynton of course (outright and class a title winner and race winner) but the boys really did put on a great display today.”

The Sherrin Racing team now turns its attention to the opening round of the 2017 Australian Production Cars, which will be held at the 2017 Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst Six Hour across April 14-16.

Sherrin Racing is proudly supported by valued sponsors Tyres 4 U, Hi-Tec Oils, Sci-Fleet, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals and Sherrin Equipment. For more on Sherrin Racing, including news, upcoming events and photo galleries, please go to, or visit the team on Facebook at

2017 Calendar

  • Australian Production Car Series
  • Australian Endurance Championship
  • Queensland Endurance Championship

Event – Venue – Format – Date

Wakefield 300 – Wakefield Park – 300km – TBA

APC Round One – Mount Panorama – 6 Hour – 14-16 April

Willowbank 300 – Queensland Raceway – 300km – 5-6 May

APC Round Two – Winton Motor Racing – 2 x 300km – 9-11 June

APC Round Three – Sydney Motorsport Park – 3 x 1 Hour – 7-9 July

APC Round Four – Queensland Raceway – 2 x 300km – 4-6 August

APC Round Five – Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit – 4 Hour – 8-10 September

Lakeside 300 – Lakeside Park – 300km – 29-30 September

APC Round Six – Wakefield Park – 2 x 300km – 4-5 November

Winton 300 – Winton Motor Raceway – 300km – TBA

The Australian Production Car footage can be viewed via live streaming from the Shannons Nationals, and 1-2 weeks after each event on SBS1



The Sherrin Racing team has walked away from Queensland Raceway at the weekend with a race win, first for Class B and second outright for the weekend during round three of the Australian Production Cars.

The race victory marks the first ever outright race win for the 2015 Outright and Class B championship winning #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i entry of Grant and Iain Sherrin.

The brothers powered through for a race win in Sunday’s 250km race battle, providing sweet redemption after being in the running for the victory on Saturday only for a malfunctioning air gun to bring them unstuck during their pit stop.

After finishing the race Saturday with the fastest laps of the field under the cover of darkness to recover from 9th to 5th by the end of the race, Grant started Sunday’s efforts and after an intense battle for the first few laps, took the #1 to the front of the pack. He stayed there until pitting for Iain to take over – albeit a little earlier than planned thanks to a flat tyre. Iain re-joined in third and pressed on to take the entry back to the front of the pack despite the pressure of late safety cars and stiff competition, to claim the race win.

Success was also being found for the #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i of Michael Sherrin and David Ayres, with the pairing running their fastest ever lap times around Queensland Raceway this weekend in a testament to the improving set-up and performance of the car and the crew.

In consistent and strong performances across the weekend, the #19 took home two second places for Class B, from seventh and sixth outright respectively.

The Sherrin Racing team now turns its attention to the finale for the 2016 Australian Production Cars, to be held at Sydney Motorsport Park across November 13-15.

Sherrin Racing is proudly supported by valued sponsors Tyres 4 U, Hi-Tec Oils, Sci-Fleet, Clark Equipment, Sherrin Rentals and Sherrin Equipment. For more on Sherrin Racing, including news, upcoming events and photo galleries, please go to, or visit the team on Facebook at


Grant Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i – first outright and first in Class B

“I am absolutely ecstatic with the Sunday race win. We are over the moon, especially with that result following on from Saturday’s events. We went out there on Sunday and drove like we did the night before, with a similar strategy to what we had planned for the Fight in the Night. My pit stop was actually not scheduled for that point of the race, as I blew a tyre a couple of corners before. I called it through to the guys in the pits and Iain got ready to jump in. While I was in the pits we changed two tyres and then it was up to Iain to bring it home to the end. He did a really fantastic job, especially with the pressure of the late safety cars and the restarts. To get in front of Luke Searle was a job well done and the team put in a really fantastic effort too. Hopefully we can carry this momentum through to Sydney – the monkey is off our back and hopefully now that we have cracked a race win we can keep it going and bring home another one for the Four Hour in November. We were strong down there last time, we just had a little problem that cost us the race there so we will go down there and have a good crack at it.”

Iain Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i – first outright and first in Class B

“I thought Grant’s first stint to take us from fifth to first on Sunday before he handed the car over to me was just amazing. He got passed a lot of talented guys and he did an amazing job. When I got in the car he was on the radio to me all of the time and just letting me know where everyone was. We knew that the Searle car hadn’t put new tyres on so we thought we had better rubber than them, so I was just working on bringing the gap do. I was doing that at around half a second each lap. Then on the restart after the safety car came out I could see they were struggling for grip and I managed to get passed them quite quickly. And then from there it was just trying to manage what was behind me, stay in front, and look after the car as best I could. I knew we had a great set up as we had done the race at the Queensland 300 earlier in the year and we did a lot of prep work then getting the car set-up for QR so we knew we had a quick car and we proved that in the race. That is our first outright race win ever, so we are just over the moon. We won the championship last year without getting a outright race win. This is what we have been chasing ever since we came into the Australian Production Car Series five or six years ago, and so this is just amazing for all of us.”

Michael Sherrin – #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i – sixth outright and second in Class B

“What a fantastic day Sunday was, especially after Saturday. The #19 car ran faultlessly and I enjoyed my stint at the wheel. When Dave took over after our pit stop he did a perfect job of bringing it home. We are very happy with how the car performed and have to say thank you to Jimmy and the rest of our pit crew for all of their work. Dave and I are actually driving the car faster than we ever have at the moment. At the last round in Sydney we were running two seconds faster than we had previously, and we were bettering our best markers in Queensland this weekend. It all comes down to the set-up that Jimmy has put into the car which allows it to be very smooth, and we are very happy with how everything is coming together. We are also of course very happy with the result for the boys in the #1 – what a great win for them and for us as a team.”

David Ayres – #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i – sixth outright and second in Class B

“It was a great race on Sunday. Mike handed the car over to me in a very good position and the car was great all afternoon – it didn’t miss a beat. We were able to come home in sixth outright and second in Class B and that is a very good result. Sydney is three months away but we are already looking forward to it – bring it on!”



The weekend’s Sydney Motorsport Park round of the Tyreright Australian Production Car Series hosted two 250km races and saw Sherrin Racing walk away with first and second in Class B for the round, a fourth outright for the round, and the fastest time of the field in race two.

The event started off with some great news for the team before event a wheel had been turned on the track,

Earlier in the week, it had been announced that experienced production car campaigner Jake Camilleri would take the wheel of the #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i alongside Michael Sherrin, as regular co-driver David Ayres continued to recover from the illness that saw him miss out on racing at round one in Phillip Island.

However, David would indeed take part in the weekend’s proceedings after receiving a late clearance to compete, joining the team in Sydney in time for Friday’s start of proceedings.

When it came time to start turning wheels in anger at the Sydney facility, things started well for the Sherrin Racing crew.

In qualifying, the #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i of brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin set the fourth fastest time outright and quickest for Class B, while David Ayres and Michael Sherrin took the #19 to seventh on the time sheets overall and second fastest for the class.

With the race grid set by the qualifying time of the nominated starting driver, Sherrin Racing would start Saturday’s 250km stanza from the first and third rows of the grid, with Grant Sherrin taking advantage of the starting position in the #1 to lead outright for a large portion of the first hour of the race.

At the same time, the #19 was not having as much luck, losing nine laps in the garage due to a hard reset being necessitated by the loss of boost. With the boost issue rectified, the #19 would resume and get to work to finish 16th and finish second in Class B.

In the #1, Grant held the lead until just before the one hour mark, when he pitted to hand over to Iain in the compulsory driver change. Iain would rejoin in third and hold that position while battling with a slippery surface due to spilling fuel from the car in front, until the race was concluded 11 laps earlier than planned due to the dark conditions on-track.

Come Sunday, Iain would start the race in the #1 from the second row and in the third lap, set the fastest lap time of the entire field for the race. At the 30 minute mark, he would be fourth outright before moving up to third by the conclusion of the first hour after some great battles with Beric Lynton.

At the same time, Michael Sherrin had taken the #19 from 16th on the grid to ninth, before pitting for David Ayres to take the wheel and rejoin in 11th. He would eventually bring the #19 to a ninth outright finishing position and second for Class B.

For the #1, Grant would take over from Iain for the run to the finish line, but would be struck with issues in the final stages at a point in the race when he was closing in on second position. A broken link bar bolt on the right rear saw him forced to nurse the car home, eventually crossing the line sixth outright and first in Class B.

The Series now heads to the home track of Sherrin Racing – Queensland Raceway – for round three in just under four weeks (July 29-31).

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Grant Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i

Saturday: “With third outright and first in class, I feel that we finished quite well. In hindsight, we probably should have put some tyres on the car in our pit stop under the Safety Car, as Beric (Lynton) did that in his and it gave him the jump on us having fresh tyres. Our tyres just went away from us after that, and with a full fuel load and old tyres, it was hard for Iain to punch out lap times after that – he did well though given what he had to work with. The start of the race was good for us, I got off the line pretty well. The Audis sure were quick off the line too, but we got through the start and had a good tussle with Aaron (Seton) – he kept me honest the whole time, if I made any little mistake he was there ready to pounce. It was good fun!”

Sunday: “We had good speed, Iain started the race and kept us right up there and in the mix, with some good tussles with the front guys. It was neck and neck the whole way, we had good pit stops – the crew were amazing actually, as we were able to pull back something like 15 or 16 seconds in our pit stops from the other teams. Unfortunately, after my stint started we had one of the back link arm bolts break a few laps in, which meant that we just had to nurse it to get it home. It was a bit disappointing but that is the way it goes – we will regather and get ready to go after it in Queensland.”

Iain Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Racing BMW135i

Saturday: “Grant started the race and did an awesome job. He was the quickest car on the track out there and was regularly dicing with Aaron Seton and keeping the gap under control. When we pitted under the Safety Car we got jumped by the Searle car which was not too much of a problem at that stage of the race. However, when I rejoined behind them I found they had some fuel dropping on the right hand rear (the loaded-up side of the track) and I was slipping on that, so I couldn’t stay with them. Once their fuel load went down a bit that problem stopped, but by that stage I had lost too much ground and my tyres had gone off, so the grip in my car was not great. The Tim Leahey/Beric Lynton entry caught up to us pretty quickly at that stage, and we found out later that they had put two new tyres on the right side of their car in their pit stop, so they were very quick after the safety car. I was a little bit disappointed that we went from leading the race to finishing third, but that is the way it goes sometimes and we still have more racing to go.”

Sunday: “I started the race and I had a really good stint. The car felt really fast, and I set the fastest lap of the race which was just awesome, I don’t think I have done that before. I was having a good dice with Beric Lynton and that was great fun = he was strong in certain places and I was strong in others, so there was a lot of back and forth. Overall the start of the race was just fantastic, it felt like we were all out there punching out qualifying laps, it was full on! When it came time for Grant to take over, he was doing an amazing job and pulling in second place by half a second a lap, but then unfortunately we broke a bolt in the right rear. We had no choice but to nurse it home from that point while trying to keep as many positions as we could. Unfortunately Grant was passed by Mark Eddy on the last lap which saw us take fourth outright instead of third for the weekend, but we still won Class B and walked away with a swap of points for the overall championship chase – especially when you compare it to how we went for the first round – so it was still a good outcome. Now, it is time to look ahead to Queensland Raceway. As our home track, we are confident of a good weekend there in a few weeks’ time.”

Michael Sherrin – #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i

Saturday: “We were quite satisfied with our qualifying result, which allowed us to start on the third row of the grid for the Saturday race. The car was feeling great out there during the qualifying session, and both David and I were very much looking forward to a good race. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go the way we had hoped as David encountered an issue with the ECU on the first lap. It took us a bit to find out what the problem was, but in the end we did find it and from that point on, the car ran like a charm for the rest of the race.”

Sunday: “After Saturday’s dramas, David and I were very pleased to have a fantastic run in Sunday’s race. The car ran beautifully all day, and while we had to start near the rear of the grid due to Saturday’s result, we had a great start and from there we just worked out way up the order to eventually finish in seventh position. To us, that is a top result – there were no issues, and while it was a bit slippery out there at times, everything with the car and the crew went to plan.”

David Ayres – #19 Sherrin Racing BMW135i

Saturday: “Saturday’s race start was tricky for us as we lost boost early. The problem had started earlier in the day during qualifying when the exhaust came apart, with the computer adjusting to that issue. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise that it kept on adjusting when we went out to race, resulting in the boost being shut down. This called for us to do a hard reset to get going again, and while that worked, it did cost us eight or nine laps. Thankfully, the car ran really well once we were able to get back on-track. I ran around 10 laps before another Safety Car was called, so we brought her back in and Mike took over, and the car continued to run faultlessly for the rest of the race.”

Sunday: “Mike started the race on Sunday and brought the car into the pits in a really good position. The car was great all afternoon and never missed a bit. I really enjoyed my stint, and to come home in seventh was a very pleasing result, especially considering the fact that we started in 16th! We were all very happy with the result, and can’t wait to get back on-track in Queensland in a few weeks’ time.”



The Island Four Hour was a race of contrasts for the Sherrin Rentals Racing team.

On Friday, Grant Sherrin qualified the #1 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i he shares with brother Iain on pole for Saturday’s Island Four Hour with a qualifying personal best, while David Ayres set the seventh fastest time outright during the session in the #19 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i he co-drives with Michael Sherrin.

Before the team even got to the track on Saturday, changes were afoot. It was soon apparent that after falling ill unexpectedly, Ayres would be unable to drive in the Island Four Hour that day.

Former Sherrin Racing driver David Russell – who was already on track with the Australian GTs and also in support of his father Geoff Russell who was racing with a fellow APCS team – was enlisted as a late replacement, and started the race from the rear of the 21-strong grid.

Pole-sitter Grant Sherrin lead the race early, while Russell set about carving through the field – moving to 13th by the end of lap one and then to sixth by the completion of lap two. He would advance to fourth and then third on the next two laps before moving to second place by lap seven.

Russell and Grant Sherrin would fall into a good rhythm at that point, with Russell later overtaking the #1 for the lead while both drivers traded fast laps throughout this first hour and a half of the race.

Then, as so often happens in racing, the plans were once again changed. Just as the team prepared to bring Russell in, rain started to fall and safety cars began to emerge – forcing changes in strategy. The #1 would be brought in instead for a driver change, and Russell was left to continue his command of the lead of the race until the 1 hour and 47 minute mark, when he handed over to Michael Sherrin.

With plenty of the ‘wet stuff’ falling from the sky it was tricky conditions for the next couple of hours for all the racers and especially for cars such as those campaigned by the Sherrins, but in the #1 Iain persevered to reclaim the lead while Michael made sure the #19 stayed in a strong position despite the extremely wet track surface.

With just over one hour remaining, Grant would return to the #1 driver’s seat, while Russell would climb into the #19 with 45 minutes remaining, with both racers setting about the task of attempting to advance while navigating what each described as ‘diabolical’ corners.

With just 20 minutes remaining, the #1 was placed to take out third outright or better and the Class B victory, however disaster then struck for Grant with a spin in the final corner leaving him backed up against the concrete wall.

After a valiant minutes-long effort to successfully and safely get back onto the track in the slippery conditions – which drew cheers from the media pack watching on – he later found himself stranded elsewhere on the track due to the ‘pigeon toed’ status of the wheels following the impact.

With Grant out of the running, it was up to Russell to take the Class B victory for the team – in the process he would take the #19 from 8th to 6th in the final and very wet laps.

The Sherrin Rentals Racing Team will be back on-track with the Australian Production Cars across July 1-3, at Sydney Motorsport Park.

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Class B winner, 6th outright – Michael Sherrin – #19 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i
“That was fantastic. Dave Russell did a great job after stepping in for Dave Ayres who came down crook this morning unfortunately, he was turning out the same times as Grant out there in the early stages and handed the car over to me in great condition. Unfortunately during my stint we hit wet weather and dropped back in the field, but he took over for the last 45 min and got us from about 10th or 11th and got us up to 6th in the rain so a great result all round and the first class win for us (for the #19) – I am very happy with the first class win.”

Class B winner, 6th outright – Dave Russell – #19 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i
“My history with production cars goes back to 2000 when I started racing on the national stage (in circuit racing) and it is great to be back. I found the APCS to be very well-run, the competitors were all really good and while there were some fierce battles everyone is good to race with. Today, obviously for us we had a lot of different things happening with strategy and the rain. Starting out of last was fair enough as a late entry but it was great to get into the lead of the race.  It was good fun coming through the field, the car was great in the dry and coming up to the sister car Grant knew I was coming and we got into a nice rhythm until obviously the weather interrupted things and threw a bit of a spanner in the works. We would have had a much bigger lead (without the safety cars in his stint), but that is the way races go sometimes. We came in and did our stop, and when Michael jumped in the conditions were not ideal for him – it was very, very slippery but he did a great job and did not put a foot wrong. It was good to drive the Beamer even in the trying conditions. My second stint was out in very wet weather, it was quite diabolical towards the end, but I still had a lot of fun – you definitely had to have the eyes on though and there was no room for error that was for sure. I just want to say thanks to Sherrin Rentals Racing for the late call-up. It was a great car and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a great experience and I was happy to see the amount of cars out there enjoying the race. For me it (the Series) is definitely the way to get yourself on to the National circuits and come and be a part of it, it is a lot of fun and a good way to get into the race that is for sure.”

Grant Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i
“It was really, really wet out there. It was changing every lap with the rain always in a different spot and heavier or lighter each time around – and then the temperature dropped. Every corner was just diabolical. At the end there I was just coming onto the straight and it just stepped out on me and spun around and it was too quick, I went into the wall and bounced off it, and incurred damage to the front. It was a battle to get it back onto the track, there was plenty of commentary on my radio telling me to get back on and I was trying, but the car was trying to spin back into the direction of the oncoming cars and I was worried about jumping out onto the track and being T-boned. Iain came down the pit lane and helped me work out a point that I could just do it, and I hear that when I made it back onto the black stuff there were cheers from the media contingent watching on! It was certainly difficult out there for us in the car with the rain. Before it fell, at the start of the race, the car was just on song. It was perfect. I could punch out qualifying-style laps lap after lap – I wish it was dry all the way, but that is what happens.”

Iain Sherrin – #1 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i
“I reckon we were on for at least second, perhaps even first, if we hadn’t got caught out. One of the guys ahead of us was saying that the extra pit stops allowed them to get the fuel mileage they needed, so I think if we could have held the position we were in, we hopefully could have forced the guys in front to pit and then leap-frogged them to get the position back. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, but we are very happy for Michael and David Russell to be taking the maiden class win for the #19 and we were very pleased with the earlier performance, it just wasn’t our day, or our weather!”

The #19 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i (credit-Nathan Wong)
The #1 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW135i (credit-Nathan Wong)



The recent Queensland Raceway 300 was a case of ‘oh so close, but oh so far’ for the Sherrin Racing outfit.

The team was enjoying a comfortable lead aboard the #18 Sherrin Racing BMW135i of brothers Iain and Grant Sherrin with just 10 laps to go, when a brake issue saw them into the turn three sand trap and out of the race. Earlier, the #19 Sherrin Racing entry of Michael Sherrin and David Ayres was forced to retire early due to visibility issues.

It was a bitterly disappointing end to a challenging day for the Sherrin Racing team, but as always the team has been sure to take away both lessons and drive from the event to use in their future racing – including the ‘next up’ round one of the Australian Production Car Series, to be held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit across May 27-29.

“The QR 300 started off really well for us. In the #18, Grant did a good job qualifying to see us start on the front row, while in the #19 entry started from fifth after Mike set his best ever lap time around QR,” explained Iain Sherrin.

“Grant started the race in the #18 and everything was going really well – we were running in second position and having a great battle Nathan Jess in his Future Racer, and then a massive storm hit the track.

“We had rain tyres on both cars so we stayed out, but we had an issue with visibility with an installation issue seeing our new demisting windscreens failing. Mike elected to come in and park the car, as he was particularly effected by the issue and did not want to risk a serious accident with the Phillip Island round of the Australian Production Car Series only weeks away.

“Grant continued on what was an extremely wet track which was resisting drying, and when there was another ‘clamp-down’ he came into pit lane and I took over the driving duties.

“Thankfully it was starting to dry out when the race restarted, and within ten to fifteen laps we were back to a normal race pace. We were a lap and a half down on the leader at this stage as we had to do two five-minute pit stops under the regulations while they only needed to do one, but I set to work and soon managed to not only make up the lap but also take over the lead by a comfortable margin.

“At this point, we looked on-track for a win. After coming second in both the Wakefield 300 and the Bathurst 6 Hour so far this year I was so excited to be looking at locking down that top spot of the podium – there were only 15 laps to go, and I had a comfortable gap. Unfortunately, as so often happens in racing, it just wasn’t to be.

“Approaching turn 6 with 10 laps to go, the brake pedal went to the floor. I pulled up just in time, and pumped it up down the front and back straights, but it was no use, by the time I got to turn three, it was gone again and despite starting to break some 200 metres early, I found myself in the sand trap and it was game over.

“Upon review, it turns out that we had run out of brake pads and it was metal on metal. Even in that situation, we should have had some pedal, but unfortunately one of the pistons had come out too far and released the brake fluid oil, which meant that we had absolutely no pedal to work with.

“We run those pads everywhere and have never had an issue, so while it is an unfortunate situation, at least we know what happened and we can make sure that we keep an eye on it when we are back here at QR in August for the APCS’ Fight in the Night.

“It was extremely disappointing to be leading the race and be so close and have something let go like that of course, but we are pushing harder and faster than ever before and we will just take what happened and make sure we do what we can to not have it happen again, and use that disappointment as drive to make up for it when he head to round one of the APCS later this month.”

The Phillip Island event will be the first round of the 2016 Australian Production Car Series, and Sherrin Racing goes there as the ones to beat after taking out the CAMS production car titles in 2015.

“We are definitely very keen to get going in the APCS this year, and with an expected 25 cars on the grid at round one, it should be a big and exciting year for the entire field,” said Iain Sherrin, who is also the category manager for the APCS.

“The team will be doing all we can to defend our outright, class and team championship titles, and we are looking forward to a great battle ahead. While things haven’t gone to plan recently (at QR), that only makes us more determined than ever.”

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Over the Easter long weekend, the Sherrin Racing team were down at Bathurst taking part in the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour race, which was part of the Bathurst Motor Festival. And what a weekend it was!!

We only had one of our Sherrin Racing cars entered in the event, and we had a great few days of racing and finished the weekend off by taking out 2nd overall in the Bathurst 6 Hour !! A great result for the team.  Especially considering the car which came in first place was driven by two young professional drivers Chaz Mostert and Nathan Morcom.

With Michael Sherrin stepping out of the driving seat and taking on the roll of Team Manager for the event, this saw Iain Sherrin and David Ayres behind the wheel of our Sherrin Racing # 19 BMW 135i for the Bathurst 6 Hour.

This was Dave’s first trip to Mount Panorama, whereas Iain has driven the track a few times now, and was there last year competing in the Bathurst 12 Hour race. With this in mind we wanted to give Dave a good opportunity to get a feel for the track, so the team gave Dave the reigns for most of the practice laps. And he put in a great effort and improved his times with each and every lap around the track.

During the main event we hovered around the lead all day, and were keeping up with the winner in lap times during the last hour, with less than 1 second difference between our fastest lap time in comparison to the race winners fastest lap time. But towards the end of the race we had to pit under green conditions, and then had a safety car 20 minutes later, which unfortunately ended up putting us a lap behind the leader in the final stages.

The car ran great all weekend, and Iain and Dave’s driving was in fine form. But it is our entire team that contributed to the success of Sherrin Racing at the Bathurst 6 Hour. With Mike on the radios all weekend, we had a good strategy in place for driver changes and utilising the safety cars. Our pit stops where exceptional. And with Jimmy Flanagan our Chief Engineer, supported by our pit crew of Paul Chater, Richard Johnston, Ben Giles, and Elise Chater, we were putting in the fastest pit stops in pit lane, and made up over 10 seconds during some of our stops. With 4 stops during the entire race, we made our first 2 driver changes under safety car, and caught them in good spots.

Coming home with second place is a commendable achievement for the team, and we couldn’t be any happier with the result.  It was a great event for competitors and spectators alike, and we look forward to going back next year, as it has just been confirmed that the Bathurst 6 Hour will be held on Easter weekend for at least the next 3 years with major sponsor Hi-Tec Oils on board.

For the Sherrin Racing team and our race category of Production Cars, this has been a great lead into the upcoming 2016 Australian Production Car Series which kicks off at Philip Island in May, where we’re looking forward to contesting our title after taking out the championship last year.

Our next race will see us at our local track of Queensland Raceway for the Willowbank 300 which is to be held over the 23rd to 24th of April. This will be the first round of the Queensland Endurance Championship, and we can’t wait to get back out on the track.